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Investigation using R.O.V. with Scanning Sonar

Three of Fire/Reconstruction Consultants Experts, on route to an Underwater Sunken Vessel Investigation.  (Sometimes you get to take the scenic route to get there )

Below the slideshow, is an explanation about the R.O.V. and Sonar, followed by some Sonar Imaging video footage.

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Residential Fire, Fire Death, Alleged Electric Space Heater Failure

This case of a Residential Fire, Fire Death, Alleged Electric Space Heater Failure came to Fire Reconstruction Consultants, Inc. from:

David Chesnut, Attorney
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer
215 South Federal Highway
Suite 101
Stuart, Florida

After an extensive search for a fire expert, Attorney David Chesnut hired Walt Godfrey through TASA as his fire expert on a residential fire death case. He represented the homeowner whose wife had died in the fire. Mr. Chesnut had this to say about Walt Godfrey after a very successful settlement in his Client’s favor. “ We had Excellent Results. Walt was an Excellent Fire Expert. He made the case for us and brought it home”

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Alleged Apartment Arson Murder

This case of an alleged First Degree Arson Murder came to Fire Reconstruction Consultants, Inc. from

Christopher E. Yeazell, Attorney
Then: Assistant Public Defender
Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida
Clearwater, FL

“During the course of the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with dozens of criminal investigators and expert witnesses. I can state with confidence that Mr. Godfrey’s dedication, attention to detail and over all skill exceeds that of just about any other investigator/expert witness that I have worked with while practicing as a criminal defense attorney.”

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91 Foot Yacht Explosion and Fire

Summary report of Yacht Explosion and Fire.

Fire Reconstruction Consultants was hired to conduct an investigation to determine the origin and cause of the explosion and fire that damaged the 91 foot vessel.

The following is a summary report of the data gathered during the on scene investigation and analyzed in order to determine the origin and cause of this incident in accordance with the basic standards set forth in NFPA 921, 2001 edition. Advanced techniques and standards that go beyond the basic criteria set forth in NFPA 921 and the various ASTM standards for chemical testing, evidence documentation & handling and explosion & fire dynamics may have been used in the analysis of the data gathered.

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Virgin Islands NightClub / Vessel Fire

A Nail Tells the Tale. It wasn’t a Needle in the Haystack, but the same intensive search was required to find that it was a Nail, that caused electrical wiring to fail.


Fire Reconstruction Consultants, Inc., was assigned in order to conduct an investigation to determine the origin and cause of the fire that damaged the captioned structure and vessel (not shown).


Present during the investigation were Virgin Islands Police, Fire & Rescue and Fire Reconstruction Consultants personnel. The investigation was conducted in accordance with standards set forth in NFPA 921, 2001 edition. More advanced engineering techniques were used in the evaluation and analysis of the data gathered on the fire scene.

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Over 25 Yacht Fire Cases for Osprey Special Risks Ltd

In Yacht Fire Cases, “I trust Walt to tell me how it is and be able to answer questions in detail about his findings. That’s the mark of a good expert, not just an expert. It’s as my grandfather used to say, there are many experts, (especially in the US!!) but not many good ones.” On the case immediately below, regarding the “Virgin Islands Nightclub and Vessel Fire”, Mark said “When Walt and I discussed his initial findings, as always he had found the origin and cause of the fire. Walt is the best in his field.”

Alexander Mark Thomas LLB
Director & Marine Claims Manager
Osprey Special Risks Limited
Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) part of the Munich Re group