About Fire / Reconstruction Consultants

Fire / Reconstruction Consultants, Inc., is in the business of providing Accurate, non-biased Technical Independent Investigations to determine the Origin & Cause of Fires & Explosions in Structures, Vessels & Vehicles for our clients. Our engineering team has training and expertise in mechanical, structural, electrical, construction failure analysis and fire protection engineering.

We have been doing Investigations since July of 1981 with special emphasis on marine fires and explosions (Worldwide) and Personal Injury and Death Cases both Defense & Plaintiff. (from coast to coast in the U.S.) Additionally, our success with Personal Injury/Death cases has elevated the recognition of our expertise in this area in both the investigation and in the courtroom.

Our diverse team of Fire & Explosion Investigators, Associate Analysts, Experts, & Forensic Engineers provide; fast mobilization, accurate, thorough, integrity based results along with complete litigation support to Marine, Property & Casualty Insurers, Governments, Manufacturers & the Legal Profession Worldwide.

Many of our engineers and expert associates have worked at Kennedy Space Center, have worldwide experience, and have established their credibility and earned reputations seeded in trust over the years.

Fire / Reconstruction Consultants uses accredited Laboratories, for chemical analysis, forensic and industrial, wet chemistry and hydrocarbon testing.

Over 25 Yacht Fire Cases for
Concept Special Risk, Inc.

In Yacht Fire Cases,

I trust Walt to tell me how it is and be able to answer questions in detail about his findings. That’s the mark of a good expert, not just an expert. It’s as my grandfather used to say, there are many experts, (especially in the US!!) but not many good ones. On the case regarding the Virgin Islands Nightclub and Vessel Fire, When Walt and I discussed his initial findings, as always he had found the origin and cause of the fire. Walt is the best in his field.

Alexander Mark Thomas LLB
Director & Marine Claims Manager
Concept Special Risk, Inc.
Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) part of the Munich Re group

The founder and president Captain Walter P. Godfrey, of the Port Canaveral, Florida based Company is the Senior Fire & Explosion Analyst with over 40 years of investigative experience.  See Resume and Testimonial about Capt. Godfrey here:

He is a National Board Certified Fire Investigator, National Board Certified Fire Investigation Instructor, Florida Certified Investigator, Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, National Board Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist and a U.S. Coastguard 100 ton master licensed Captain.

He has been the lead investigator on more than 1500 vessel fire investigations, and also lead investigator in over 2000 vehicle/structure cases.

He shares his knowledge and expertise by teaching seminars on structure fires and surface and sub surface vessel fires for insurance underwriters, (ex. Lloyds of London), claims personnel, attorneys, and investigative arms of various government agencies as well as civic and professional groups.

The U.S. Coast Guard inspectors have worked along side him and used the case to set up procedures for their instruction courses. Instructing and sharing knowledge has helped to make Captain Godfrey one of the most successful origin & cause expert witnesses in the courtroom.

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